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Although the overall goal of obtaining social security disability benefits will help improve your financial stability, the process itself can be quite complex. Many times, the Social Security Administration (SSA) finds one reason or another to deny a person their rightful benefits they worked so hard to secure.

If this has recently happened to you and you are now facing an uphill battle with the SSA in retaining disability benefits, it is important you take action and proper measures to fight for your rights and gain access to these funds and more. There are many benefits you could receive as a recipient of social security disability, including Medicare health coverage. Not only that, but if you have any dependents, you may be entitled to compensation to support them as well.

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 If you have already received your denial notice from the SSA, it is important you act quickly as you are only permitted to file your reconsideration appeal within 60 days from when the notice was sent out. Not only is it important you get your appeal filed within the given timeframe, but you want it to be done so in a manner that is not going to lead to yet another denial, but to the approval of the benefits you may be in dire need of.

A well-trained and highly qualified social security lawyer knows exactly what the SSA is looking for, the documentation that will help support your case, and will look over all the paperwork to ensure it is filed out correctly. Simple mistakes often steer you away from gaining what you should have been provided initially, therefore, let a lawyer help avoid this and get you closer to having some financial relief.

Whether you are struggling to pay your mortgage or take care of those you are responsible for, we want to help get you the disability benefits that may be just what you need so you can focus less on the financial aspect of your situation and more on achieving wellness.