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Are you aware that if your social security disability claim is approved, you gain access to being covered under Medicare insurance and some qualifying family members of yours are in fact entitled to receive the necessary supplemental funds to assist you with your financial stability? Do you meet the Social Security Administration (SSA) criteria in order to obtain disability benefits within the state of Virginia? Have you applied and recently learned your application was denied?

If you happened to answer yes to the following questions, good news. Although you may be feeling down and overwhelmed  as you and your dependents are desperate to receive this coverage, the social security disability attorneys featured on can provide their legal expertise and assistance with that. The fact is, a disability lawyer is qualified and trained to aid with any of the following:



Whether you are going through the initial reconsideration appeals process or your case in scheduled to be presented before a disability judge, it is important you take on the legal aid that can increase your chance of coming out successful rather than being left with no form of income along with the struggles associated with your disability. Can Help

There is specific proof and documentation the SSA is looking for in order for them to approve your claim. Whether you failed to supply them with that or neglected to fill out the documents appropriately, you don’t want to risk being denied once again which is why turning to a disability lawyer in Virginia is your best bet.

Upon employing legal counsel, it is helpful to know what you won’t be responsible for paying a fee up front in order to successfully gain the legal support your case needs. A social security disability lawyer is hired based on contingency. This means that they are only paid if your claim is approved and benefits compensating for back pay are disbursed. Your legal representative would then be entitled to receive 25% of the amount paid out in back pay, however, they are capped at the maximum amount of $6000.

This means the worry of having to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars up front is in fact nothing more for you to be fearful of.


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