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If you are currently seeking legal assistance with your denied social security disability claim, good news. You have come to the right place. At, we connect you with highly trained and experienced disability attorneys working in the state of South Dakota who are ready to assist with your claim. Some of the many areas a disability lawyer can aid you with include:



The fact is, when taking on the help a social security disability lawyer can offer, statistics have proven that you will increase your chances of getting that request for benefits approved rather than denied. In some instances, an individual who is relying heavily on obtaining this compensation is forced to file a reconsideration appeal and even take their case before a judge.

You don’t want to risk losing your chance of receiving the social security disability benefits you have worked for and are entitled to simply because you were unaware of how to properly prepare yourself upon requesting a second claim evaluation.

This is precisely why was developed and done so in a manner that kept citizens just like you in mind.


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We understand the hardship you are facing and how the disability you are struggling with may leave you with less energy each and every day. Having to represent yourself in the event you go before a judge can become quite complex and time consuming.

It is important to keep in mind that it may be months before your case is heard which means all the medical records you have previously provided may not be sufficient enough. You want physician notes and treatments rendered that are current and prove your condition isn’t improving or has continued to prohibit you from working any longer.

Unfortunately, this is going to be requested by the SSA and they aren’t going to supply someone to help you gather all the pertinent documentation. Therefore, we suggest you reach out to us now, and allow us to help aid in the process of getting you in touch with a reliable and trustworthy social security attorney who is going to take charge in your case providing all necessary documentation required to increase your chance gaining these benefits.

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