Find Which Social Security Disability Law Firm is Most Suitable for You

Suffering from an impairment or disability can be quite detrimental. Whether you are a cancer patient who is unable to work and make ends meet financially, or your disability has placed you under the correct category to qualify you for social security disability, not always is the process of obtaining these benefits as easy as it should be. For the many claims that are filed and approved, there are those that are denied, and often without good reason. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of these unwarranted circumstances, it is time you fight back against the Social Security Administration (SSA) and obtain the benefits you are in fact are entitled to receive.

While you may already be struggling with the symptoms of your disability or impairment that you have either recently acquired or had already been suffering from, why should you have to endure a battle with the SSA as well just to receive benefits you are more than deserving of? If you are confident that your condition places you under the “compassionate allowance” list, you should in fact be approved for benefits and gain the financial support to help get you along with one less worry. The “compassionate allowance” list has been drafted by the SSA and highlights many of the disabilities that generally are approved for disability benefits.


Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

In the event you receive a denial notice, not only is it up to you to provide medical documentation that your disability prohibits you from working, but you are only given 60 days to get your reconsideration appeal filed.

Although 60 days may seem like an extended period of time, not always do you receive the letter on the date the SSA intended, which could ultimately decrease your allotted timeframe. On top of that, if your case is going before a judge, you want to be well-prepared and able to speak on your behalf. This often comes as a struggle for many which is why individuals such as yourself turn to a caring and determined disability attorney in South Carolina.

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Social security disability benefits have been designed and set aside for individuals just like you who are not only struggling with an impairment, but have a disability that is so severe you are unable to carry on with your day to day activities, including working. We want you to gain access to the funds that could ultimately help decrease the financial burden you have been dealing with which is why the lawyers featured on your site are top notch and extremely experienced in the field of disability.