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Does your disability or impairment fall under the “compassionate allowance” list provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA)? Have you put in your required time and contributed to social security over the course of the last few years leaving you entitled to obtain social security benefits as you are now unable to work? If so, you should have already submitted your application in order to gain access to the funds that could help relieve some of the financial stress you may have been faced with.

Seeing that your financial future could be at stake, it is vital that you take initiative and get your initial application submitted or your reconsideration appeal filed. Did you know that the SSA has only allotted 60 days to get this appeal sent in? This means you must first identify what it is they have acknowledged as the reason of your denial notice, and what forms of documentation you can provide on your part that will help support your case.

Although it may seem like a daunting task as you have no other form of income and no way to cover the costs of your basic necessities, you are given the option of hiring a social security disability lawyer. And where can that successfully be carried out? Right here at


Many individuals are able to take it upon themselves and get their disability application filed on their own, but why go through the stress when legal assistance is nearby? Our site provides you with access to the top of the line disability lawyers right here in the state of Rhode Island who are readily available to help no matter what your situation may entail.

If you are concerned with the hefty cost that comes along with procuring legal counsel to represent your disability case, not to worry. Social security disability legal representatives in Rhode Island are paid upon a contingency. This means that if you obtain benefits from funds that were previously owed from the SSA, your attorney is only going to receive 25% of that. And if you have waited months or even years where back pay was due and you expect to receive a large lump sum, your attorney is then capped at being paid $6000.

With that in mind, if you were previously worried about the fee associated with an attorney’s assistance, you can place that fear to rest.


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