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Has your denied social security disability claim got you feeling as though you have no where to turn for financial support? Dealing with a disability and the many struggles that come along with it can be quite difficult, however, being denied access to benefits that you are in fact entitled to based on your current situation should not be accepted. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) has recently denied you disability benefits although you believe you meet all the qualifications and guidelines set forth, you have come to the right place.

At, we understand the hardship you have been faced with and understand how desperate you may be to obtain the funds the SSA generally pays out for disability. This is why anyone who believes they should be receiving this financial support who doesn’t receive it should file a reconsideration appeal. How can you do this?

With the aid of a reputable and trustworthy social security disability law firm in North Carolina.


Find a Social Security Disability Attorney Who Can Help

 Although you may have just received notice that the SSA did not approve your application for disability, a social security attorney has the potential to not only help you get your appeal filed, but can even request an “on-the-record” decision. Is your home at risk of being foreclosed on? Are you in a rut because you have no form of income and no one to help? Having a caring social security disability lawyer can help you throughout the process of gaining access to these benefits sooner.

In a situation such as that, you want someone who is well acclimated and knowledgeable in the field of social security disability who knows exactly what it is the SSA is going to be looking for. With that in mind, if you are at risk of losing your home, your attorney could help get your application approved without having to go before a judge, which can take even longer.

The key to winning your case, however, is going to require certain types of documentation, many coming from your health care professional outlining your disability and the severity of it. All of this needs to be completed and submitted within 60 days from when you received your notice. Therefore, you do not have any more time to waste searching for attorneys who can’t provide you with the legal aid those featured on can.


Now that you are aware of the help that is out there along with the timeframe you have to file for an appeal, it is encouraged you take action. One of our social security law firms in North Carolina is readily available to provide their assistance and help get you one step closer to receiving your disability benefits that you are more than deserving of.

All it takes is one call and a representative will get you paired up with a compassionate social security lawyer in your area.