Procuring a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Nevada

When an illness strikes, we often turn to our doctors and physicians to help treat and mend our conditions, but what happens when you are diagnosed with a disability or impairment that requires more from you than simply visiting a doctor? What if you are unable to work? Unfortunately, this is the case for many Americans as they find themselves struggling to make ends meet without a source of income and limited government aid.

One of the common forms of supplemental income received by many citizens comes from social security disability. Although the SSA is able to provide many citizens with financial support, they also turn individuals away as they don’t acknowledge the disability they suffer from as viable means to receive benefits. If you have recently submitted an application and the SSA has reviewed your case only to deny it, you should be aware that although you might be feeling overwhelmed, there are some things that can be done to help get you back on track.

As a citizen who has contributed to social society through your earnings with your employer, you can take a step further in the social security disability claims process and file for a reconsideration appeal. But who can help?

At, our ultimate goal is to get you connected with a disability attorney who knows the ins and outs when it comes to social security, and that is exactly who you want on your side if you are considering appealing the SSA’s decision. It is highly recommended you hire a legal representative to take lead in your case as you are granted only 60 days to get your appeal in.

Within those 60 days, you must gather and submit all required documentation as well as any further medical evidence that could support your claim and the fact that your condition prohibits you from working in any sort of employment field. This can often become quite complex, and you don’t want to risk being denied yet again. This is why we encourage you to use our resourceful site to help find and retain a lawyer who is most suitable for you.

You can browse through our site now and learn a little bit about the social security disability attorneys that are local to you and right in your area.


Take Action and Hire a Social Security Attorney in Nevada Today

If you are concerned regarding the fees associated with employing a disability attorney, rest assured, you may not have to provide anything up front as they generally are paid out once you receive any funds for any back pay that was owed. This fee is usually 25% of the amount received, however, the lawyer is capped at receiving $6000.

With that in mind, let a disability law firm in the state of Nevada help aid you during this financial crisis you may be experiencing and fight for the benefits you deserve.