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Searching for the Right Disability Lawyer that is Local to You

While many scenarios requiring the assistance of a lawyer involve having to take your case before a judge, social security disability works a bit differently. You see, you can hire a social security attorney before you even decide to apply for benefits. They can provide you with their expertise and knowledge on the process of filing a social security disability claim, help you gather all pertinent documentation, including those provided by your doctor that could ultimately make our break your case, and even ensure it is submitted properly.

One of the most important aspects of hiring a social security disability attorney in the state of Missouri is that with the legal aid they provide, your chance of having your claim approved increases. And should the Social Security Administration (SSA) decide the documents provided did not suffice for them to pay out benefits, you already have your disability legal representative there who is familiar with your case, and can also file a reconsideration appeal.

With your limited timeframe of only 60 days to file for the SSA to take a second look at your claim, you want someone who possesses experience and training in the field of social security to help get this done accurately, and in a timey manner.

 Whether you are simply looking for some advice and guidance pertaining to filing for social security disability, or your claim was in fact denied, is here to help. We offer you a free, no-obligation consultation where you can express the concerns and desires you have which will ultimately help you arrive at the conclusion as to whether you want to obtain legal assistance or not.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are fearful of the fees associated in retaining legal aid, when it comes to social security disability, your attorney must first prepare a fee contract, and the SSA must approve it before you are obligated to pay anything for their services. Generally, an attorney is only going to ask for 25% of any payment received that constitutes as back pay, and they are capped at receiving a maximum amount of $6000. Therefore, the worry and burden of having to come up with an unreal amount of money in order for you to receive assistance can be erased.


Let USAttorneys Take on Your Social Security Disability Case

Those who file for disability are generally suffering from a physical or mental impairment that is expected to keep them out of work for a period of at least a year or longer, therefore, your financial future is at stake. Don’t make the mistake of not hiring a social security attorney during a desperate time such as this. Fight for your rights and the benefits you deserve as you contributed through your earnings during the many years that social security deductions were taken from each and every paycheck.