Social security disability (SSD) is a form of government funding that is awarded to individuals all across the U.S. who are disabled and can prove that their disability prevents them from working in any capacity for at least one year or longer. Many of the individuals who worked and paid into the system are entitled to these benefits when they meet the criteria that the government has established. Kentucky is one state that is known to have many residents living there who rely on disability payments to get by, according to CNBC. And because not everyone who is entitled to these benefits actually receives them, they can always turn to a Kentucky social security disability attorney to help them obtain the compensation they need.

Unfortunately for some Kentucky residents, they are now out the benefits they have grown so reliant on after their SSD attorney was charged with fraud. You may have heard of the Eric C. Conn case but if you haven’t, let us provide some of the details that will help you understand why he has been charged and sentenced for SSD fraud.


Who is Eric C. Conn?


Conn became widely known in the state of Kentucky and even earned the name “Mr. Social Security.” He had billboards up all over and had commercials playing that “saturated the local airwaves.” Conn “promised he could win disability payments that people could not secure on their own.” By 2010, he became the third-highest-paid disability lawyer in the country, collecting $3.9 million from Social Security Administration in one year, says the source. But how was Conn so good at helping people collect these SSD benefits?

Turns out, Conn way paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal payments to Social Security Administrative Law Judge David Daugherty, who would “rubber-stamp the claims.” Apparently, not everyone who was provided with SSD benefits actually qualified for them. But, Conn was still getting paid which is why he continued to engage in illegal activity.

When the scam came to light, nearly 1,7000 SSD recipients had their payments suspended by Social Security. The suspension of payments resulted in devastating effects. A former delivery truck driver who had suffered from debilitating pain after two spinal surgeries lost his benefits and couldn’t bear the stress. He eventually took his own life with a gun and left his wife and kids behind.


Conn eventually pleaded guilty and attempted to flee while awaiting sentencing. However, he was captured in Honduras. Daugherty also admitted to accepting $609,000 in bribes and pleaded guilty to two felony counts and is currently serving a four-year sentence.


social security disability lawyer in Middlesboro

If you have been denied social security disability benefits but you know you are entitled to them, contact a Middlesboro, KY SSD attorney today.

Conn, who is now recognized as the lawyer who committed one of the biggest Social Security frauds in American History, is sharing his thoughts on the entire matter as he spends his days in a jail cell. He implies in a written letter that he didn’t work alone and that he had help, yet those who claimed were his friends are nowhere to be found now that he has no longer living the lavish lifestyle he was once had. And while Conn is able to recollect on his own actions that led up to this point, there are still many Kentuckians who are left without social security disability benefits. In fact, The Washington Times is saying that thousands of residents are fighting the government so that they can keep their SSD benefits.


Perhaps these individuals and others attempting to get their benefits need a trustworthy and reliable Middlesboro, KY social security disability lawyer who can help them get the benefits they qualify for but are being denied.

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