Locate a Social Security Disability Law Firm in Your Area Now

Has your doctor recently informed you that the disability you have been struggling with has increased in severity leaving you debilitated and unable to work? Did this disability recently surface and you are now without a job or way of making any income? Unfortunately, there are many citizens who find their physical or mental condition inhibits them from seeking employment and often struggle trying to make ends meet. This is where social security disability comes into the picture.

If you are worried that you will not get approved or you find the process for filing for disability is too complex, there are resources available that can in fact help, and even increase your chance of having your application approved the first time it is submitted. By obtaining legal aid from a reliable social security disability attorney in the state of Maryland, you are gaining not only a knowledgeable individual in the field of disability, but someone who understands what the Social Security Administration (SSA) is going to look for as they determine whether or not your claim should be approved.

Upon submitting your disability application, you are going to be looking at waiting at least five months before any funds are paid out. Therefore, the faster you apply, the quicker you could be receiving benefits that could remove the financial burden that has been placed upon your shoulders.


Did you Already Submit Your Disability Application and it was Denied?

In the event you have already applied for social security disability and the SSA has denied you the benefits you know you are entitled to, a disability lawyer can also provide their services as they can serve as your legal voice should your claim be taken before a judge. Maryland social security disability lawyers are not only helpful when it comes time to seek legal counsel to represent you in court, but they can provide their services and expertise in other areas as well.

Is your home at risk of being foreclosed on? Are you unable to pay the necessary bills as you have no form of income coming in? You may be able to gain access to social security benefits quicker by having your social security disability lawyer representing you request an “on-the-record” decision. In this particular scenario, your case may bypass the requirement to go before a judge and a decision can be made in a much quicker manner.

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Either way, taking the initial steps to get your claim filed, or even have a denied application appealed is crucial and must be done immediately. We want you to receive the benefits you are entitled to, therefore, reach out to us today and allow us to provide you with the legal aid that can help you.