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If you are physically or mentally impaired and find that working is now no longer an option for you, you may be able to qualify for social security disability. While you must have worked for an employer where you contributed to social security through your earnings, you are generally expected to have worked a certain period of time to earn the mandatory credits in order for you to qualify for disability compensation. Although each case is unique, you may want to consider hiring a social security disability attorney who can aid you no matter what stage of the process you may already be in.

Receiving social security disability benefits is often a five-month timeframe where an individual has to wait before receiving any payment. Once you file your claim, and it is in fact approved, you are expected to be provided back pay for the waiting period you may have incurred upon filing your application. But what is to come of your financial situation in the event the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your application and you are left with no source of income?

In a case such as this, you are going to want to hire a social security disability lawyer in Hawaii.


How Can a Social Security Disability Attorney Help You?

When it comes time to go up against the SSA, you are going to want to be fully prepared as these benefits may be crucial to your financial stability. And in the event you received a denial notice rather than a confirmation that you will be receiving some sort of financial support, you do not want to lose your opportunity of obtaining these benefits.

A social security lawyer is well-versed in this particular field and highly informed of any and all new laws pertaining to disability. So, what does this mean for you? Well, there are many forms of documentation the SSA is going to want to review, and having them gathered up and filled out accordingly is vital. Not only that, but your physicians may be required to submit medical records on top of those already filed that clearly identify your disability and the impact it has on your life and your ability to work.

Some other areas where a social security disability law firm may come in handy include:

One important factor to keep in mind when it comes to procuring legal aid from a reputable disability lawyer is the legal advantages they hold. For instance, an “on-the-record” decision means you could possibly receive benefits without your case going before a judge.


Whether you need advice on filing a claim, or your have been denied, reach out to today in order for one of our agents to pair you up with a knowledgeable disability attorney local to you.