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Have you earned the mandatory amount of credits under the Social Security Administration (SSA) requirements and are now facing a denial notice for your disability claim that was filed? Does your current disability place you under the correct category to receive these benefits, however, the SSA is failing to acknowledge that? If so, you may require the assistance from a social security disability attorney in Arkansas who can help remedy the situation by determining what it is your application may have been missing, or why the SSA has deemed your application “denied.”

Dealing with the SSA can in fact be a daunting and time consuming task which is many neglect to either appeal the decision they have made regarding their disability benefits, or fail to supply adequate evidence indicating they are disabled and unable to work. This is where can come in and help save the day.

Looking for legal support that can provide some insight on how to get your claim approved? Simply give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

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Having to wait months on end for the funds to help get you through this tough time when you simply are unable to work is tough. This is why we highly recommend you reach out to one of our agents now in order for them to get you connected with a trustworthy and compassionate disability lawyer in your city as you do not want to put the matter off any further.

As it is, you are generally looking at a waiting period of approximately five months before you receive any compensation, therefore, taking action now will only place you one step closer to obtaining those social security disability benefits you are more than deserving of. Let one of our Arkansas social security law firms represent you today and ensure your situation is handled in a timely manner.