Do You Require Assistance with Your Social Security Disability Claim?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers benefits to many individuals ranging from those who are elderly and retired to those who have a severe mental or physical impairment. In order to apply for disability benefits in your state, you must first meet the following criteria to apply.

  • Your disability is expected to keep you out of work for at least a year, or longer.
  • Your medical condition prohibits you from seeking employment in any other work field.
  • You must have worked for a certain number of years and contributed some of your earnings to social security.

If you believe your current medical state has placed you under the appropriate category to file for social security disability, and you want further information on how to obtain legal advice to do so, can be of some assistance to you.

When You Should Consider Hiring a Disability Lawyer Nearby to You

There are many different reasons why individuals choose to hire a social security attorney. It all depends on the stages of the process you are in and what complications may have arisen as a result of your application being filed. Some of the common areas where legal aid is generally taken on include:

  • Obtaining advice on filing an application for social security disability
  • Assistance with the process of filing an initial application for disability benefits
  • Recover back pay and retroactive benefits
  • File a reconsideration appeal
  • Represent your case in court
  • Gather and prepare all documentation required for you court hearing

You’d be surprised to learn that many individuals who are seeking this financial support aren’t familiar with the process of filling out the required paperwork, and focus more on their medical illness as opposed to their inability to work. Social security disability is strictly for individuals who have a disability and are unable to work, not just suffering from an impairment solely.

Statistics have also proven that with the guidance and advice a social security disability attorney has to offer, a person is more likely to have their initial application approved or receive benefits after filing a reconsideration appeal.

Procure a Social Security Disability Lawyer Today

With that in mind, if you are trying to apply for benefits or recently learned that your application for disability was denied, we urge you to take a stand for your rights and the compensation you are entitled to by reaching out to today.

Once your application is turned away, you are given 60 days from receiving notice to request a second look at your claim where the SSA will then determine whether or not you are qualified to receive the monetary support.

You don’t want to risk losing out or having to wait longer than usual just to get your hands on the money that could ultimately stabilize your financial situation. Having to endure the suffering that is associated with your disability is enough to handle. Allow us to do the rest by getting you connected with the best of the best social security disability law firms in your area today.